This upgrade package includes EVERYTHING you need to have done to Fender's Hot Rod series to bring out the best that it can be in terms of tone and reliability. The Fender Hot Rod series has always been a great amp at a great price, but to meet that price certain design and manufacturing shortcuts had to be made. I have worked on literally hundreds of these amps over the years and have come up with all the necessary modifications and upgrades to make this amp not only sound it's best, but also be a 100% reliable gigging machine. Package 1 includes a complete replacement of all the High Voltage Electrolytic Caps, several resistor and rectifier upgrades, the removal of all unleaded solder on the tube sockets, jacks, and pots, lead layout and dress, and several other of my "secret" mods that I've developed. Anything and everything that can compromise the sound and reliability of this series of amplifiers is addressed. In fact, Im so confident that your amp will be trouble free, this package comes with a 2 year warranty on all the parts and work we do to the amp(excludes any tubes the amp may need, these are warrantied for 6 months). PLEASE NOTE: The price for this upgrade package is for an amp that is received in good working condition with tubes that test in an acceptable range for long term reliability and tone. Any repair work or tubes needed will be an additional charge.

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